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Caitlin Iannucci: Bereavement Therapy, Art Therapy, Couples & family Counseling.

“My work is strength-based and transformational. Your story is important; everyone has one. I feel honored to witness the nuance of each individual's experience in the world. I facilitate a warm, safe, healing environment for transformation to naturally unfold. Its own timeline is important.” ~ Caitlin

64 Huntington Street, Shelton, CT 06484

Tel: (203) 794-7081

website: www.caitliniannucci.com

email: caitlin@caitliniannucci

Marta Irene: Nutritional Health Coach, Hair Removal Specialist

Marta’s passion for healthy living originated with her own incredible natural healing experiences. Her particular style offers those who want to start their transformational journey an opportunity to navigate through the sea of information, disease, opinion, and their own state of overwhelm by traveling alongside them to their new healthy life.

500 Howe Avenue, Suite 201, Shelton, CT 06484

Tel: (203) 913-1189

website: www.AHLCtr.com

email: marta@AHLCtr.com

Dr Stephanie Soalt: Naturopathic Doctor, Art Therapist

Dr. Stephanie specializes in children and adolescents with Autism, ADHD and other nurodevelopmental disorders. She uses a unique combination of naturopathic medicine and art therapy to educate and assist their growth. She can address physiological dysfunction and nutritional needs of individuals as well as developing appropriate strategies to address social, behavioral, emotional, sensory and other cognitive issues.

500 Howe Avenue, Suite 201, Shelton, CT 06484

Tel: (203) 710-3937

website: www.drstephaniesoalt.com

email: info@drstephaniesoalt.com

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